3rd July – 8th August 2022
Loch Reports

3rd July – 8th August 2022

The hot weather continues and so does the trickiness of the fishing, hence the brevity of this report.

Despite the temptation to fish deeper the fish that are being caught are still largely, nearer the surface and the use of floating and midge tip lines continues to be most productive.

Fishing over the deeper part of the loch and along the eastern bank and into Swing Gate Bay has proved to be the most productive in recent days.

Despite the hot weather, water temperature and clarity are good.

Weed cutting activities are more or less complete and we are delighted to say that there has been minimum to zero disruption throughout.

With the hot weather forecasted to continue for at the least the next ten days it is worth noting that mornings and evenings are the best times to fish …. Afternoons being a little less productive. Keep moving would be our other suggestion.

If fishing catch and release, please also note that in these conditions it is most important to retrieve the fish as quickly as possible, keep them in the water whilst unhooking, and release them once you are sure they are fit to go.

Visiting Clubs:

Over the next two weeks the following clubs will be visiting the loch:

  • TOTGA – Thursday 11th Aug
  • Pencaitland – Saturday 20th Aug

As always, we wish them well and hope for a productive days fishing.