Coldingham Loch Fly Fishers Terms of Membership

There are five categories of membership:

  1. Full Member i.e.(Boat or Bank)
  2. Bank Only Member
  3. Junior Member (Boat accompanied by an adult or Bank)
  4. Industry Concessionary Member (Boat or Bank, for those who work full-time in the fly fishing industry)
  5. Country Membership (Boat or Bank for those who live in excess of 80 miles from the Loch by postcode)

(All members and guests are required to familiarise themselves with the fishery rules which are available on the web site and are also posted in the fishing hut. Members are encouraged to report anything which they deem as contravening these rules.)

  • Membership is based on an upper limit of 100 members.
  • Membership will be offered to existing members first.
  • Prospective new members will be accepted on a first come first served basis (places allowing). A waiting list will be established once an upper limit of 100 has been reached.
  • Country Members will be in addition to the 100 members due to the infrequency of their visits.
  • 9 months fishing season:
  • Opening Weekend Sat 9th, Sun 10th & Mon 11th March 2024 (members only are allowed to fish)
  • Closing date will be Saturday 30th Nov 2024
  • It is a 7 day/week membership with one day each week being prioritised for Visiting Clubs. Members can still fish on a Visiting Club day either from a boat if available or from the bank. will have the choice of 6 days in which to fish, with the 7th day (not the same day each week) being used as a priority day for visiting clubs. Owners reserve the right to declare a mid-week rest day in any week during the season.
  • Opening times are:
    • 8.30am – 5pm
    • 8.30 am – 10pm at the latest from 1st May – 30th September
  • Maximum of three visits per week. More visits can be made if spaces are available – these could be booked after 6pm the night before.
  • Full Members should be prepared to fish the bank (if able) in the event that a boat is not available.
  • Country Members will pay an additional fee of £20 for each visit
  • If a member is staying at Coldingham Loch as a holiday guest, fishing needs to be booked in advance at the time of cottage booking and would not be limited to 3 times/week during the week of their stay.
  • Online booking system – bank bookings can be made using the online booking system. For boat bookings these are not available online and need to be made by phone or text.
  • Members may book their sessions up to two weeks in advance
  • Members can bring a single guest on each visit but may only bring the same guest for a maximum of 5 times in any one season.
  • Should a member wish to bring more than one guest on a visit (up to a maximum of 3) this is possible, however, bookings can only be made after 6pm the day before for more than one guest.
  • Children aged 10 and under can fish with an adult member free of charge.
  • Any guest fees can be paid in advance via bank transfer or may be paid on the day in cash.
  • Access to the loch is via a security gate and all members are privy to access codes. Access Code for 2024 will be issued to members prior to the start of the season.
  • The fishing hut is for the use of members, clubs and holiday guests with complimentary tea, coffee and milk provided by us. (We expect members to keep it tidy but the cleaning and maintenance will remain our responsibility. Same rules for the toilet.)
  • No more than 3 fish per week can be taken by any one member and there is an annual upper limit of 30 fish per member. There is no limit on catch and release (common sense approach & fishing etiquette applying).
  • All catches must be recorded in the returns book in the fishing hut.
  • All fishing must be with barbless or de-barbed hooks only.
  • Members supply their own motors and batteries although a small stock is kept on site for emergencies and for use by holiday guests. There is a secure space where members can leave their motors on site if they wish to, but take batteries home for re-charging.
  • All members are expected to use their own life jackets. We have an emergency stock here for use by members and their guests.
  • Nets are provided by us, but members may also use their own as long as they adhere to the dipping rules.
  • A maximum of 3 boats per day are reserved for holiday guests but if not required will be made available to members and their guests. Total number of boats is 10. (Lochside Cottage retains its own boat)

Please note that the owners:

  • Reserve the right to invite guests (same fees apply).
  • Amend terms of membership and fishery rules as and when they see fit.
  • Withdraw / not renew membership for anyone not adhering to the rules.
Full Membership£520
Bank Only Membership£445
Industry Concession Membership£265
Junior (11-18)£130
Country Member (living in excess of 90 miles from the loch)£100 joining fee plus £20 per visit