19th March – 7th April 2024 Loch Report
Loch Reports

19th March – 7th April 2024 Loch Report

A very wet end to the month of March has lead us in to an even wetter start to the month of April. Not only that, but as we write this we are in the grips of yet another named storm …… Storm Kathleen which has forced us to close for the day today (Sunday 7th April). Baling the boats has become a daily feature for us but we must never complain about fresh water entering the loch as it helps to keep things in good nick.

However, despite the somewhat iffy weather conditions the fishing has remained excellent and those that have been able to fish either bank or boat have been amply rewarded for their efforts.

Catch returns have been showing an excellent mix of rainbows, browns, blues and the odd tiger or two. The range of sizes has also been very good with a particularly large proportion of large browns being caught and safely returned (see some of the photos sent in by members & holiday guests).

The quality of the fish and the sport they are giving is excellent and is being frequently commented on by those that have been here.

On the more settled days we have been seeing quite large and frequent rises and lots of fish being taken off the top of the water using a range of dry flies, the best of which have probably been – black/white shipman’s buzzers, black foam beetle and black spider patterns.

On the less settled days people have been catching using a range of intermediate and sink tip lines pulling a range of lures which have included – hot head damsel, red apps bloodworms, cormorants, FAB’s and blobs.

All areas of the loch are fishing well but as usual it has been best to keep on the move and locate the various hotspots at different times of the day.

There have also been recent signs that the buzzers are starting to work and as the temperatures start to rise this will be ever more likely.

Anglers accounts:

Stewart Barnes:

As you will see from the returns book, I had a great day.  You sent me to the right place Gareth.  I drifted up the west shore but only had a couple of offers to the dries.  Unusually, because it was quite busy I anchored up for once.  I was hooking fish right away, but they were coming off.  I changed to the washing line – small blob on the top dropper, diawl bach in the middle and various boobies, mainly black.  Again more were coming off than staying, but eventually I started netting fish.  I then changed to small black dries and started hooking fish, although a number were coming off again. 

 I felt I had my money’s worth by 3.00 pm and packed in.

 Thanks for a super day. (Sunday 31st March 2024)


Other News:

  • We have heard and seen the first of the Chiffchaffs in this last week or two which are a welcome herald of spring
  • For the first time in the 13 years we have been here, but on two separate occasions in the last fortnight, we have seen a hedgehog when we have been out at night taking the dogs for their final walk. We think they are two different ones as one was a lot bigger than the other. We always thought that the high number of badgers here may have been the reason for there being no sightings of hedgehogs but maybe they have been here all along….who knows? But it was great to see them!

 Visiting Clubs:

Over the next two weeks we will be welcoming the following clubs:

Sunday 14th April – Ashington Kingfishers bank competition

Monday 15th April – Edinburgh Waltons

We will also be holding our annual Coldingham Loch Fly Fishers Bank Competition on Saturday 20th April which is for CLFF members.