August 2023
Loch Reports

August 2023

As we approach the tail end of August we have been reflecting on what a strange year this has been so far and just how unpredictable the weather, and consequently the fishing, has been.

We seemed to get July weather in June and then July itself was more like April with the amount of rain that we saw. August too has produced more rain than we have been accustomed to in recent years and for lots of reasons this is actually no bad thing. Extra water helps keep the loch fresher and the extra depth also helps to suppress weed growth which this year, it certainly has.

Whilst we have had to clear weed from the top end of the loch (mainly filamentous weed) the need to use the cutter elsewhere has been very limited. We will leave be leaving the weed-cutter on the water for a few weeks more, just in case we see a need to go out again, however a really don’t think that this will be necessary.

We are now noticing slightly cooler temperatures, particularly during the evenings and this will not only help to bring the water temperature down but it will help to combat against the algael bloom that we currently have due to the recent weed-cutting. Whilst the bloom isn’t by no means the worst that we have ever seen here, it is nonetheless present. Now you might think that in conditions like these, dry fly fishing is off the agenda but interestingly, those anglers that have had the most success are almost all catching using various dries. Amongst the most successful patterns are, black or natural flat daddy, black foam beetle, yellow owl, and grunter. Whilst the fish are not always obvious, putting the fly on the water and leaving it will often, eventually get their attention. Brown trout in particular are making an appearance at the moment and for now the rainbows are being less obliging. There is a very healthy stock of rainbows out there and we’re hoping that the cooler weather will encourage them back to their inquisitive best.

Other flies that have been successful on occasion have been olive damsel, black damsel, mini humongous. So far, there has been relatively little caught using washing line techniques with FABs, blobs, buzzers etc but as the season progresses this will no-doubt again come in to its own at some point.

It is also worth noting that bank fishing is easily holing its own against boat fishing this year and so it’s well worth a shot from the bank if you are feeling like a change from floating around in a boat.

In September and October we will be holding our usual Charity day event and the Coldingham Cup boat competition. We’re glad to say that both of these events are now fully booked and we are looking forward to seeing how each one goes this year. For our Charity Day we are always grateful to receive whatever items people can donate towards our raffle / auction and so if you can, please send any items to us before the 24th September so that we can include them. All monies received this year will once again be given the St. Abbs Independent Lifeboat.

We will be posting Les Lockey’s FLY OF THE MONTH for September alongside this loch report, and as always, we would encourage you to have a look at what Les is recommending and for those of you that tie your own flies, to give it a go. His recommendations are made following many, many years of fishing the loch at various times of the year and from his own personal successes in using the flies.

Visiting clubs

Over the next fortnight we have the following clubs coming to visit the loch for a days fishing. We hope they have an enjoyable and productive day.

Sunday 3rd Sep: Pencaitland AC

Sunday 10th: Norham & Ladykirk AC